Mindfulness in Motion with Dr. Alison Robb

Delivered by Dr. Alison Robb, Mindfulness in Motion sessions are one and a half hour workshops focusing on the skill of ‘paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, without judgement’.

Suited to artists, arts-friends and the general public these sessions have been developed to creatively teach mindfulness in motion, based on existing mindfulness and meditative techniques fused with performing arts practices.

Dr. Alison Robb is a psychologist with a background in performing arts. She is a firm advocate for the power of self-compassion and is a LGBTIQ community member and ally.

Session one

String Labyrinth

In this guided mindfulness training session, lay out your own labyrinth with kitchen string and traverse it. Learn to bring your mind back to the present moment of breath and body, while you navigate the other people in the room and your own mental chatter.

Session two

Notice What You Notice

In this moving-mindfulness session based on improvisational techniques, develop skills in noticing your mental and emotional chatter and responding kindly to it. Discover what it is like to gently explore the moment and relate to others while being aware of the constant flow of input from your mind.

Session ended



  • Sat 14
    Session 1 9:30AM
  • Sun 15
    Session 2 9:30AM


Restless Dance Theatre

195 Gilles street


$15 per session
$20 two sessions








  • Accessible for people with limited mobility and wheelchair users
  • Accessible Parking
  • Companion Card

Photograph by Sofia Calado