The Sleeping Beauty

The curtain goes up…the audience gasps…and David McAllister’s spectacular beauty unfolds like a rose, drawing you into a world of romance, wonder and imperial grandeur. Gleaming with Baroque golds and creams, glowing with vivid colour, and spilling over with fairies, princes, woodland nymphs and story-book charm, this ballet casts a spell of delight all the way to true love’s kiss.

Set to Tchaikovsky’s celebrated score and blessed with breathtaking designs by Gabriela Tylesova, our artistic director’s new production stays true to the magic and majesty of the original and showcases the talents of the entire company in iconic moments like the Rose Adage and the Bluebird Pas de deux.

The production offers a gold-class experience and the magical escape that will forever draw so many audiences to the fairytale world of ballet.

The Herald Sun

Once Upon A Time

Fairies, sparkles and glitter! Once Upon a Time: The Sleeping Beauty is the perfect introduction to the wonder of ballet. Created especially for girls and boys aged three and above, this fully staged production is set to live music and has narration, interaction and a kid-friendly running time. Your little one will pirouette all the way home.

The Spinners

In an exhilarating journey into myth and imagination, Australian choreographer and dancer Lina Limosani and Scottish director Al Seed with fellow dancers Tara Jade Samaya and Kialea-Nadine Williams, tear apart the story of the Moirai, or Fates, of Greek mythology. 

As the Fates spin, measure and cut the thread of life, this emotionally charged and visually stunning dance theatre performance questions life, death, and our perceptions of choice.

Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre’s inSPACE program and Far and Away Productions.

An exquisite piece of theatre … this is what modern dance should be; striking, theatrical and human.

Global Media Post (A Delicate Situation)

The Spinners

The Beginning of Nature

The Beginning of Nature is a riveting depiction of the rhythms within nature – flocking and herding, day and night, changing seasons, metamorphosis and decay.

Combining live music and the extraordinary dancers of Australian Dance Theatre (ADT), the work explores the forces that nature asserts over humankind despite our continued efforts to see ourselves as separate from nature, and the notion that our bodies are inscribed with the same rhythms that underpin nature itself.

Acclaimed composer, Brendan Woithe, has collaborated with Kaurna consultant, Jack Buckskin, to develop the original score fusing electronica with strings and vocals. Performed with live accompaniment by the acclaimed Zephyr Quartet and two singers on stage, the libretto features the Kaurna language, the language of the traditional people of the Adelaide Plains, where ADT is based.

Grace and strength combine in this work to create an evocative depiction of the complex symphony of rhythms in nature, that will leave audiences entranced.

This is a powerful work, in which music, movement and design make a coherent whole, and it drew a rapturous reception from the spellbound crowd.

Dance Australia

The Beginning of Nature

Rainbow Vomit

Enter a space of tangled imagination, where light and sound collide in a familiar yet distant world. Creatures from afar morph within the shadows to navigate an ever-changing landscape of bewilderment and wonder. Synaesthesia envelopes the mind as rhythm becomes vision, voice shapes movement and light warps sound. Welcome to the world of Rainbow Vomit, a place where anything is possible, everything can happen, and much more than colour erupts from the darkness…

Rainbow Vomit is an immersive work designed to target young audiences, whilst maintaining appeal for kids of all ages. Audience members are invited to watch the performance through their own pair of ‘fireworks glasses’, which refracts light into all colours of the spectrum, generating a myriad of rainbows.

Guaranteed to be a hit for all who take the trip to see it.

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Creatures is an exploration of human movement and repetition. Oscillating and gradually morphing between movements, together the seven dancers shapeshift; signifying a flock, a single organism or diverse individuals. The work recognises humans as creatures.

For the inaugural Adelaide Dance Festival, Creatures will be performed at Samstag Museum of Art in response to the exhibition A Conversation with Jheronimus by South Australian-based visual artist Aldo Iacobelli. As the dancers move among Iacobelli’s installation of site-specific installations, a cross-disciplinary dialogue emerges about what it means to be human.

When performance art is good it hums and vibrates with energy. It reaches out to the audience and brings them in.

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The Cubic Museum

Evoking the idea of the traditional museum display case, The Cubic Museum is a performance installation that brings to life themes relating to the South Australian Museum’s world-renowned collection.

Outstanding Adelaide-based choreographers Erin Fowler, Lewis Major and Jo Stone have been commissioned by Australian Dance Theatre to create live installation works that will be performed in a large Perspex cube that will be installed inside the Museum for the duration of the Festival.

These ingenious choreographers will be given the rare opportunity to collaborate with the museum’s scientists and researchers, exploring ideas and concepts derived from the collection and archives.

Come and check out this unique partnership between Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) and the South Australian Museum and discover the meeting point of art and science.

Free public performances will take place during the Adelaide Dance Festival.

A unique collaboration between Australian Dance Theatre and the South Australian Museum.

Panpapanpalya 2018

Panpapanpalya 2018 is the 2nd joint congress of daCi (dance and the Child international) and WDA (World Dance Alliance) Global Education and Training Network hosted by the University of South Australia with venue partner Adelaide College of the Arts (TAFE SA).

Panpapanpalya 2018 will be one of the world’s largest gatherings of dancers, dance educators, and artists of all ages, generating new thoughts and ideas for dance learning and teaching in the 21st century. The congress is centred on four interwoven themes: dance, gathering, generations, learning.

These themes, summarised by the Aboriginal Kaurna word Panpapanpalya, honour Australia’s rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance practices, as well as Indigenous dance cultures from around the world.

Babies, young children, school and university students, dance artists, community and cultural workers, parents and carers, as well as educators, coming from diverse backgrounds and countries all over the world will be involved as participants and presenters. Throughout the congress participants will enjoy a vast array of dance experiences and new learning through presentations, social interaction and debate.

The congress will combine intercultural dance experiences across generations and explore new learning. Five days of presentations, social interaction and debate.

Freestyle Session

Freestyle Session is one the world’s most important breaking (break-dance) events. Originating in California in 1997, Freestyle Session pits the world’s top breakers against each other in a battle of skills, dexterity and unbridled creativity.

Adelaide Dance Festival is proud to host the 2018 Australian qualifying event where Australia’s top crews will compete head-to-head, the winner being flown to the finals in Los Angeles later this year.

These phenomenal dancers possess truly jaw-dropping skills. Come and check out the raw, creative energy of Australia’s best — right here in Adelaide for this one unmissable event.

Australia’s best breakers battle it out for a place in the LA finals.

Dancing Room

In 2011 a pop-up dance space was created at The Reading Room on Hindley Street with the concept to ‘dance at a respectable hour’ – this was known as ‘Dancing Room’.

As part of the inaugural Adelaide Dance Festival, we are taking Dancing Room to the next level! Join us at The Queen’s Theatre to unwind and celebrate hump day with an hour and a half of dance with sets by guest DJs. Come and dance with friends and complete strangers to your favourite tunes and experience the power of movement.

Dance at a respectable hour on hump day.

The Art of Nature

As we career headlong through the Anthropocene period where human activity leaves it’s indelible and often destructive trace on the planet we ask: how do artists respond to this?

This forum brings together four diverse speakers who will discuss their own practice and perspective on nature along with Lisa Slade, the Assistant Director of the Art Gallery of South Australia. Come and hear what they have to say as well as attend to your burning questions.

Speakers are Garry Stewart – Artistic Director, Australian Dance Theatre, Lisa Slade – Assistant Director, Art Gallery of South Australia, Julie Gough – visual artist and Victoria Hunt (Director, Dancer, Choreographer).

Artists talk about their practice and perspective on nature.

Meet the Makers

In the spirit of celebrating dance in all its forms, the Adelaide Dance Festival presents Meet the Makers, a panel discussion hosted by leading arts writer Maggie Tonkin, that explores the practice of creating dance and considers how some of the leading dance makers in Australia consider and address themes, narratives and collaborations in their work.

Choreographers include Lina Limosani & Al Seed (Limosani Projekts and Al Seed Productions, The Spinners), David McAllister (The Australian Ballet, The Sleeping Beauty) and Garry Stewart (Australian Dance Theatre, The Beginning of Nature).

Learn more about the processes, visions, lives and perspectives of these special guests.

Hear from the minds behind some of the performances appearing in the Adelaide Dance Festival.

McAllister in Conversation

Don’t miss this intimate talk, hosted by Australian Ballet’s Artistic Director David McAllister, with key creatives and principal artists.
Hear all about what motivates them, what their favourite ballets are and what life is like for them on and off the stage. 

Your ticket includes a drink on arrival.


The Beginning of Nature Q/A

Post show Q/A with Australian Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director Garry Stewart, with key creatives and dancers.

Creatures in Conversation

In-conversation with The Human Art Movement dancers, choreographer Alison Currie and artist Aldo Iacobelli, directly following performance.

FLOW: Dance on Film

Over two nights, take the opportunity to be swept away by inventive, daring, witty and enthralling dance films at the Mercury Cinema. The Adelaide Dance Festival has partnered with one of Europe’s most important dance film festivals – Cinedans.

Based in Amsterdam, Cinedans is now in its 11th year. We are proud to include some of their recent films in our program as well as other short dance films from around the globe.

The World Program
– Thursday 19 July, 7:30pm
This program is a series of short dance films from around the globe, hand-picked by co-curators Erin Fowler and Garry Stewart. This selection exemplifies the enormous diversity of approaches we are seeing in the representation of dance for this medium. From physics and nature to comedy and abstraction, our World Program has something for everyone.

Cinedans Program – Friday 20 July, 7:30pm
This program is presented in partnership with Cinedans – a leading European dance film festival based in Amsterdam. Cinedans was established over 30 years ago and we are proud to present a range of their commissioned short films from their Point Taken initiative. For Point Taken, Dutch based choreographers and film directors are teamed together to create a new dance films. Our Cinedans Program also features Symmetry, a film described as a ‘dance-opera’, shot inside CERN, the largest experimental particle physics facility in the world.

We hope you enjoy this selection of outstanding dance films from the Netherlands.


Public Dance Classes

A series of dance classes for fun and fitness! Some of Adelaide’s best dance teachers will provide free public dance classes across the city of Adelaide throughout the Adelaide Dance Festival. Come and try a wide range of styles, from ballet to ballroom, hip-hop to Latin in a judgement free space.

A great opportunity to release your inner Beyoncé or Baryshnikov – all you need are comfortable clothes and a spring in your step! No dance experience necessary.

For detailed access information on classes please contact Australian Dance Theatre on 08 8373 77733 or email

No dance experience necessary.



As one of Australia’s most dynamic contemporary dance companies, Dancenorth invites passionate dance practitioners and tertiary dance students to experience a unique opportunity in this one-off Masterclass.

This session provides an insight into the rich artistic culture of the company, while experiencing first-hand the choreographic processes devised by Artistic Director Kyle Page and Associate Artistic Director Amber Haines.

A rare insight into the creative processes of Dancenorth’s Artistic Directors.

Youth Workshops

Primary and Secondary school students have the unique opportunity to experience a creative dance workshop with leading professionals from Townsville-based company Dancenorth. Touring with the celebrated production Rainbow Vomit, this non-syllabus workshop is tailored for participants of all abilities, drawing on themes explored within the work and encouraging the exploration of co-ordination, cognitive pathways, rhythm, creativity, dynamics, weight, level, body shapes, body and space.

A creative workshop inside the colourful world of Rainbow Vomit!

Open Class

Dancers of The Australian Ballet will pass on their skills, tips and artistic insights in these non-syllabus classes, designed for classical ballet students aged 9 – 18 (minimum grade 3 experience).

Get ready to jump, leap and twirl in these special open classes with the Australian Ballet.

Stephanie Lake Workshop

A rare opportunity to engage with this multi-award-winning choreographer, dancer and Artistic Director of the Stephanie Lake Company. In Adelaide for one day only Stephanie will take class and present a workshop at the LWDance Hub. After only five years or so into her choreographic career, she’s making a very strong bid to join them at the top table.

Complex, virtuosic and rigorously articulated

The Age (Double Blind)

Solo Performance Improvisation Workshops

Andrew Morrish is a renowned performer, researcher and teacher of improvisation. In these extensive workshops you’ll learn the skills of engagement necessary to find content from breath, voice, movement and imagination, the spirit of communication necessary to engage an audience and a motivation for choice-making.

Master the art of improvisation with the master of improvisation!

Mindfulness in Motion

Delivered by Dr. Alison Robb, Mindfulness in Motion sessions are one and a half hour workshops focusing on the skill of ‘paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, without judgement’.

Suited to artists, arts-friends and the general public these sessions have been developed to creatively teach mindfulness in motion, based on existing mindfulness and meditative techniques fused with performing arts practices.

Dr. Alison Robb is a psychologist with a background in performing arts. She is a firm advocate for the power of self-compassion and is a LGBTIQ community member and ally.

Session one

String Labyrinth

In this guided mindfulness training session, lay out your own labyrinth with kitchen string and traverse it. Learn to bring your mind back to the present moment of breath and body, while you navigate the other people in the room and your own mental chatter.

Session two

Notice What You Notice

In this moving-mindfulness session based on improvisational techniques, develop skills in noticing your mental and emotional chatter and responding kindly to it. Discover what it is like to gently explore the moment and relate to others while being aware of the constant flow of input from your mind.